We are very excited to announce our latest project- the Factory Girls House Line! 

This idea came about as we reflected on what we have learned from our first year, as well as where we wanted to go.  

Two things became apparent to us- 1. we needed a vehicle to improve our production practices and efficiency, and 2. we needed more funds to realize our vision of what we want the incubator to be.  Our house line is a way to address both of these by allowing us to experiment and train our staff on our own product, and at the same time create a revenue stream.  We also thought it would be wonderful to involve our community in the process, so we are inviting all of our friends on social media to decide which pieces we produce.  

The concept is simple- we create 2 similar styles and ask our peeps on Facebook and Instagram to decide which one we will actually make.  Also as a perk, everyone who votes is entered to win the style chosen.  Once voting ends, we produce a limited run of 25 of the winning style, and offer them for sale on our site and at pop up events.  

Our goal is to produce well made classic pieces that are accessible, and above all help us fund our incubator and give more resources to local designers.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy creating them!

Below is the first style voted on by you & made at The Factory!!

FG Houseline Maxi Dress
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