$15 per hour*

*Experience required to book open studio hours. Contact Starr for more info and booking open studio time!


SUMMER SESSION: Metalsmithing & Silver Fabrication 101

Instructor Starr Miller

 8 session course

Tuesdays  6-9pm  (May 16- July 11)

Thursdays  6-9pm (May 18 - July 6)

DESCRIPTION: Class is Tuesday OR Thursday 6-9pm.  Individual attention is essential when learning the basics in silver fabrication. In this small class format, learn the basics in metal / silver fabrication.  Students will start off with a simple band ring and bezel setting project to ensure familiarity with beginning skills.  Each student will be provided a professional jeweler's workbench complete with flex shaft and all necessary tools and supplies for the beginning project.  Classes cap out at 4 students.  Starr will individually work with each student to ensure mastery of beginning and intermediate skills to create any design their heart desires.  Materials for first class included.

Summary of skills 

- filing 

- sizing

- forming

- texturing 

- soldering

- bezel measuring and fabrication 

- metal properties

- jewelry studio equipment training (polisher, blow torch, hammers, pliers, files) 

Metalsmithing 101
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Soldering Tips and Tricks Workshop

Troubleshoot the skill of soldering with delicate and large projects. Metals will be provided.

Monday June 5th: 6-9pm 

DESCRIPTION:  Soldering is the key skill to mastering silver and gold fabrication.  In this one-day workshop instructor Starr Miller will take a deep dive into the fundamentals and tricks to efficiently solder both delicate and large projects.  An overview of skills and lecture topics: 

- Mini smith torch set-up and work area

- Use of different types of flux, fire coat, and other protectives to enhance clean solder joints

- Soldering jump rings in tough situations

- Soldering small bezel settings onto a larger piece of metal and visa versa

- Balancing and using the third hand tool-getting creative to hold pieces in place

Soldering Tips and Tricks Workshop
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Flush Setting Workshop

An Introduction To Flush Setting With Instructor Starr Miller

Sunday July 9th: 1-5pm  

DESCRIPTION:  Flush setting is instructor Starr Miller's specialty.  Being taught by one of the most talented stone setters Blaine Lewis, she has mastered the art of flush setting and troubleshooting various scenarios.  In this one-day workshop students will get a deep dive into the essentials of the flush setting.  Students will be provided with metal and CZs to practice as many times as they want.  In stone setting, practice makes perfect.  Previous time at a bench is required for this workshop.  Students must be familiar with the flex shaft.  An overview of skills: 

- Bench tools and flex shaft attachments used for flush setting

- Overview and use of gravers for perfecting the final setting

- Jetset and how to use similar products to hold small pieces in place

- Clean-up and polish overview

- Best practices with the GRS benchmate

Flush Setting Workshop
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